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East Facade

Human Rights

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Take a Virtual Tour of the State Capitol. Click HERE to tour the East Facade of Nebraska's Beautiful Capitol.

The east side of the Capitol is the only side where Goodhue’s plan for a long open space to enhance the view of the Capitol has not been created.  On the other three sides, there are “malls”—wide streets or fountains or boulevards. 

How does that make the Capitol look better? 

Would you like to see a “mall” on the east side, too?

During the Depression in the mid-1930's, the summer heat was especially terrible.  Air conditioning didn't exist, so many Lincoln people came to the Capitol at night and slept on the lawn as a way of keeping cool. 

The summer heat brought some Lincoln children would come to the Capitol in the day time to use the water fountains, because they thought the Capitol fountains were the coolest in town.

Depression Image of Nebraskans sleeping on the state capitol lawn 0501_0100
Courtesy of Omaha World Herald

Let's Play a Game: Get the Word

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