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Lesson 4 - Volunteer Service

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This mural is a reminder that people who serve in the military aren't the only ones who risk their lives for the sake of others.  The artist Stephen Cornelius Roberts wanted to honor the professionals-- and the volunteers-- who are willing to sacrifice themselves to protect their fellow citizens and their property.

Nebraska Map 0904_0102

In a state like Nebraska, these jobs involve special challenges. It's a big state to watch over-- 77,358 square acres, in fact.

In rural areas, homes can be isolated.  Town budgets can be small.  Communities depend on volunteers to respond to emergencies such as fires and ambulance calls.  

In big cities, emergency staff members are paid and in rural areas they are not.  This may seem unfair. The problem is that sometimes rural areas don’t have enough calls to justify a full-time, paid emergency staff.  Cities use their emergency services more often.  Rural areas and small towns don’t have as much money but they do very well with volunteers.

Nebraska was involved in the research and development of air ambulance services.

Communities also need the state's help policing rural areas.  The Nebraska State Patrol helps small local law enforcement offices cover large territories.

Protecting you from peril:

Montage of Those who Help 0904_03101

Urban communities rely on emergency personnel, too.

  • The local governments work with first responders to protect the community.
  • The state government does its part by passing the legislation that enables them to do this work.

Even those who are paid take on a difficult and life-threatening job.

  • firefighters
  • police officers
  • rescue squad members
  • workers at correctional facilities

Volunteers continue to carry out new ideas for helping by drawing on traditions of courage and generosity.

How have you served others?  How can you?

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