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South Facade

Nebraska's Laws

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Take a Virtual Tour of the State Capitol. Click HERE to tour the North Facade of Nebraska's Beautiful Capitol.

Ernst Herman Herminghaus, the landscape architect hired to plan the original landscaping for the Capitol, had a problem to solve.  He needed to create attractive views of a building that was a little too big for its site. His solution was to trick the eye of the viewer.

On the north and south sides, he planted two rows of trees.  The trees were of graduated sizes.  The tallest trees (about 20 feet tall) were closest to the street, and the shortest (14 feet tall) were closest to the building.  The trees of decreasing height created an optical illusion, making the distance from the street to the building look greater than it really is.  This clever design is still part of the Capitol's landscaping plan.

Let's Play a Game: What's My Timeline?

Put four of these historic events in order on the timeline. Click on START and then drag and drop each event into the order you think it happened. Every time you play this game, different events will appear, so try it several times! Who knows? You may be our Nebraska Constitutional Expert in no time!